Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sushi Box

Rating: 3.5 stars
Saturday night some friends and I wanted to grab a late dinner, and one of us suggested going to Sushi Box, a new sushi restaurant in Chesterfield, located at Huguenot and Robious. What a lovely suggestion it was. I had seen the coming soon sign but due to the name thought this would be more of a quick in and out lunch place, but it really is quite charming inside. Not as fancy as Sushi-O across from Chesterfield Town Center but less daunting and more welcoming. Like Moe's everyone greats you coming in the door and when you leave, very cute! Also a little cheaper.

The sushi rolls were very good, though I wish they had a cheaper simpler shrimp tempura roll, but since they didn't I had to opt for an $8.95 more creative option that was not as crunchy as I would have liked but at least came with salad and miso soup. But the eel roll was lovely (despite the cucumber), and I was a happy camper. I also had a glass of wine (the alcohol menu is lacking, only a few wines and only Japanese beer available), so my total with tip came to $23, which was a little more than I had planned to spend. If you can stick to just the plain rolls though you can definitely eat well for around $12.

My friend got a combo box and was able to enjoy a large variety of dishes, which is great if you can't decide what you want or are unsure about Japanese food. And the menu is very helpful, showing pictures of all of the specialty rolls, and also little explanations of what is on the inside and outside of each!

All in all I am glad we checked this place out, and I am glad to have a sushi place I would feel comfortable going to in the Midlothian Turnpike area now, as Sushi-O and Chopstix were not cutting it.

Be Real.

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