Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Rating: 4.5 stars

Although Tripps is a chain restaurant, in my opinion it is the best non-overpriced steak in town.

If you like good food at a decent price (a little more expensive than your normal family restaurant), this is the place to go. There are locations on Midlothian and West Broad St. so it is accessible to everyone.

My family has visited Tripps many many times (my father being an avid steak eater, and also not the adventurous type) but this past weekend we went here for my aunt's birthday, so that has prompted me to write this review.

The restaurant is very warm and cozy, with an upper class elegant feel, but not intimidating.  They offer a large wine selection with cheaper and more expensive choices, and do take reservations, a great advantage that many restaurants no longer offer. The service is excellent, and the diner menu allows for alot of options, from steak (!), to seafood and pasta, as well as burgers, along with a few daily specials.

The bread they serve with their olive oil dipping concoction is heaven (I always eat about two pieces too many) and most meals come with a large salad that is excellent.

99% of the time I order the Ribeye (14oz for $20) and am never disappointed. The steak is cooked perfectly to your order. It's marinated all day in a delectable seasoning, and is pan seared, giving it that crispy goodness on the outside and tender deliciousness on the inside. No steak sauce needed here!

They have baked and mashed potatoes. I only wish the mashed potatoes were of the garlic variety, then the meal would not be able to be topped.

They also have a wonderful prime rib, and my mom usually gets the filet mignon with crab meat added on top. I often want to try new dishes but just cannot make myself pass on the ribeye. And the cheesecake is amazing!

The meals are just good, nothing too fancy, just well cooked food and ample amounts of it. I always walk away stuffed and never feel that I overpaid for the food or experience. So if you haven't made it out to this chain restaurant yet, pick a special occassion (or not), and go!

Be Real.

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